Hypnosis is one of the oldest modalities of healing known to man. It has been widely know thoughts can control the body’s functions and behavior. Most unfortunately, hypnosis has been erroneously clocked in a veil of mysticism.

At one point in your life you may have found yourself at a comedy hypnosis stage show. And you may believe that is what hypnosis is all about.

There are many type of hypnosis our there, and believe it or not, you have experiences forms of hypnosis in your every day regular life without realizing it!

Have you ever found yourself driving home from work, finding yourself in your driveway – not remembering the last few blocks? You’ve driven home so many times that you were on automatic pilot! There was no need for you to be so focused because you repeated that so many times in the past.

Hypnosis is happening all the time in our lives. You have literally hypnotized yourself through repetition.

And this could range anywhere from things such as smoking, negative self-talk to healthy eating and positive habits.

But don’t take our word for it! Science has proven it.

  • Neural Magic of Hypnosis Suggestion
  • In Patients Under Hypnosis, Scientists Find Distinctive Pattern in the Brain
  • Scientists Discover How Hypnosis Actually Works

During hypnosis sessions at Loving Hypnosis in Paris Ontario, you will find yourself in a deep level of relaxation. Your thinking mind settles down.

Hypnosis is a process of relaxation and distraction of the heightened mind, heightened suggestibility and increased awareness, allowing access to the subconscious mind. This is very similar to the moments before you fall to sleep. When you are in this state, it’s much easier to accept positive suggestion.

What kind of results can you expect to get?

I hear from clients that they have tried a variety of things to help them lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress etc. They come for hypnosis when nothing else has worked.

You can expect to learn what kind of patterns you have when it comes to reacting to things. And when I say patterns, I mean old patterns that were born in your past – patterns that are outdated.

Once you are aware of these patterns, it makes it easier to change them into new, positive ones that are appropriate for the age you are now.

Our weight loss clients will not only expect to lose inches off their bodies, but to have a more positive mindset.

Clients who come in for smoking cessation easily quit smoking and enjoy breathing fresh, clean air into their lungs.

Clients who come in for pain management learn techniques that they can use in their everyday life to help them numb their chronic pain by 50% or in some cases, completely.

Our hypnosis services come with a written guarantee.

Will Hypnosis Work For You?
It’s really up to you. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No one can do it for you. You must be sincere about changing. Therefore, success depends on your willingness to pay attention and follow the instructions from the hypnotist.

The best way to find out if hypnosis is right for you is to meet with a skilled hypnotist who can evaluate your situation and your ability to use hypnosis to help you reach your goals.

Hypnosis can help you change the trajectory of your life into a reality you prefer. Are you ready to make positive changes? Hypnosis is fun, drug free and it works. We offer free screening sessions that last about 30-40 minutes. All of your questions will be answered.

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