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What are previous clients saying about their sessions?

Lost 4 inches in six weeks, but got more than that…

I am so grateful to have met Renia in the time of my life when I really needed to “jump start” my mind set and physical life again. Since meeting, the hypnosis has changed my life positively, erasing all the negative recording that I have played in my head for years all through my childhood and adulthood.

I have lost 4″ in six weeks and am very grateful for the weight reduction. I have more energy since doing cardio each day!! I signed up to lose weight in my body, but have lost so much more negativity in my head. So happy, gratelu and energized!

Mary Lou, Property Designer (March 16, 2022)

Lost 11.5 inches in seven weeks!

Thank you Renia for providing me with the tools and the mental capacity to get my life on a healthy path. The weight loss & exercise routines I have gained through this program have given me the confidence to feel good about myself and see a future full of energy & vitality. I have been faithful with the audio recordings every day and they have been extremely helpful along with the guidance, encouragement and advise from Renia. Lost 11.5 inches in seven weeks!

Corey Smith, Admin Assistant (Dec. 14, 2021)

Lost 6 inches total off my body

When I starting, I was not expecting any results. But after 4th meeting I feel my pants was more loose and looked like I lost some inches on my belly because I have tightened more my belt. That was BIG surprise for me because I had hard time to keep my new routine like walking and doing some exercise and eating healthy food.

Another surprise for me was going to swimming pool at 5:30am. All that small steps give great unexpected result losing 6” total off my body. The biggest changes was with my habits like eating sweet an drink a lot of coffee. I feel great now and push me to do more and I know I will be feeling better and more healthy in the future. THANK YOU!!!

Marek Kwiaton, Driver (Dec. 14, 2021)

I feel 100% more in charge of my destiny

I wanted help in organizing and prioritizing my life goals. What do I really want? I am a 44-year old woman with a big list! Renia helped me identify what was really important to me. Through our sessions I was taught how to achieve those goals. In a comfortable and relaxing way she helps build a road map for your subconscious. The individual sessions I had were very motivating and inspiring. The practice work she gives you keeps that motivation going. Personally, I feel 100% more in charge of my destiny and more relaxed about how I will achieve it.

Chanelle (July 19, 2021)

More ease when learning to play bansuri flute

I arrived with the desire to learn to play a very challenging musical instrument, the bansuri flute.  With a start later in life, zero musical skill and no natural musical talent……I had been working at it with some progress…yet very very slow progress…and some mental blocks. Renia immediately recognized how important this was for me and clearly saw and celebrated the desire I had to learn.

With her creative, efficient work and inquiry we investigated the whole meaning surrounding this musical journey i was on as well as a look into my past to uncover some truly wonderful parallel influential elements.  After 2 sessions a custom hypnosis audio was created by her and I listen to it daily.

Since then I’ve experienced a whole new ease in my music, an acceleration in my learning and a precious joyfulness in my playing.  This is indeed is very powerful.  If you need support taking something in your life to the next level I highly recommend you work with Renia !!!!

S. H. (May 25, 2021)

I’m able to face difficulties with much more courage and confidence

I needed help with handling conflict. I’m an avoider and I wanted to work on getting more courage and confidence in difficult situations. Renia listened to me kindly and guided me with so much care. She nailed what was most important to me and helped me find my own strength. Her hypnosis recordings were so beautifully put together and I still use them to motivate me. I’m happy to say I’m able to face difficulties with much more courage and confidence thank to her NLP lessons and sweet hypnosis.

Sangeeta Kuman (April 29, 2021)

A new sense of emotional freedom

Renia’s soothing and uplifting voice during our session really allowed me to feel fully relaxed and be open to her thoughtful words. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated and I could feel a new sense of emotional freedom I hadn’t felt in a long time. Relaxed and at peace but also with a new surge of purpose.

Christina Richard, Illustration instructor (Jan 23, 2021)

Self worth & abundance

I had a few sessions with Renia and I am more than happy with the results! My goal was to know and truly believe that I am worthy of the same love and abundance that I give to others. She worked her magic on me and my subconscious mind because after the first one, I already felt some change in the way I was thinking and approaching things! I started to feel more assertive in a positive way. Felt I was worthy and abundant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Linda LeClerc (Dec 23, 2020)

Hypnosis for stomach pain

I get occasional awful stomach pain that goes on for hours and hours. Antacids do nothing to help. Renia used hypnosis to treat me during an episode of it. After her soothing attention, my pain was gone! It did come back a few hours later but it was reduced, and finally ceased soon after.

Scott Hughes (August 2020)

Removing a block

As a person who is interested in healing and alternative modalities, I am open to the possibility of new ways of healing. The issue I decided to deal with was a bit obscure, but definitely a block in my desire to work in a specific area. Renia was professional, confident and skillful in her approach to my issue, which resulted in an ability to approach the area that I was having issue with in a completely different way.

If you are being called to this kind of healing, I wholeheartedly recommend Renia. Her ability to connect with anyone and give them a greater degree of clarity and freedom in their desire for change and healing can be trusted.

Jane Wojtaszynski  (July 2020)
Active Listening and Dream Coaching

My past thoughts had led to behaviors that didn’t serve

We are, all of us, on our journeys. Each of us experience life in a unique way. And providence on my journey, brought me to work with Renia. I wasn’t clear on what I needed, but knew I needed something. My thoughts had led to behaviors that didn’t serve me and outcomes had taken their tolls both physically and mentally.

Renia’s approach was grounded insightful and engaged. In only three (too few) sessions she was able to identify and address where to go, how to help and how I might support myself going forward. She provided me with a better understanding, treated me via hypnosis and left me with tools I have since employed. My journey brought me to hypnosis sessions with Renia. I’ve been enjoying it more since.

Mark Atayo (Nov 20, 2020)

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