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Would you or your employees or coworkers benefit from a talk on how to manage stress?

As part of her community service, Renia donates 3 hours each month to pro bono talks on topics such as weight loss tips, how to manage stress, letting of the past, connecting with others, how to stop negative self talk, how to break a habit and more.

Paris Hypnotist Renia Pruchnicki is here for you! She makes the talks so fun and gets people involved.

The pro bono slots are limited, so contact Renia today to
Book Your Free Talk! Call now at 519 860 6911.

One lady came up to me after and shared that she was happy with the tips she learned.

I really enjoyed that talk, I found she was able to get the entire group engaged.

What We Offer

Our unique blend of hypnosis & neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help with many things.


See how we can help you change your eating habits


Quite smoking permanently with our hypnosis services


Learn how you can handle stress and worry in your life.


We have many different techniques you can learn to help you increase your confidence levels

Our unique blend of hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programing) teaches you to interrupt the fear


How do you break a habit that you have had for a long, long time? It may seem impossible – don’t worry – we can help.


Become an expert at relaxing your mind and body in preparation for a sweet night of rest that you deserve!


Relationships can be challenging and sometimes it hard to navigate through the ups and downs

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