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“During and since our sessions, I have been sleeping better and longer each night and feeling refreshed in the mornings. Further, my relationship with my family has improved greatly. So much so that my family members have made comments to the positive change in my behaviour…”

Randy Meredith

I had a few sessions with Renia I already felt some change in the way I was thinking and approaching things! I started to feel more assertive in a positive way. Felt I was worthy and abundant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Linda LeClerc

Since starting my sessions with Renia I have experienced a number of positive changes in my life. To start, I have lost 5.5 inches. I have more energy and am enjoying daily walks. I am sleeping much better due to reduced stress. My relationships have improved because I chose not to be triggered by thing that would have caused increased tensions.

Cathy Kennedy

Is there scientific evidence that hypnosis works? Yup!

Hypnosis is one of the oldest modalities of healing known to man. It has been widely known that thoughts can control the body’s functions and behaviour. Most unfortunately, hypnosis has been erroneously clocked in a veil of mysticism. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that allows humans to change their beliefs and the ‘commands’ they have been giving the subconscious mind.

The article shown on the right from Discover Magazine shows that the power of hypnosis can no longer be disputed, according to a psychiatrist at Stanford University.

All sciences have descended from magic and superstition; however, hypnosis has been slower than all other modalities of healing to shake off the evil association of its origin. Many people have seen movies/images where a hypnotist swings a watch in front of a patient and says, “you are in my power”. This of course is ridiculous! Sadly, many fear-based misconceptions about hypnosis have resulted from this image.

There are documented writings dating back to 1500BC indicating that Ancient Egyptian soothsayers used techniques similar to hypnosis.

Even in the bible there are references to “healing through touch and prayer”.

Hypnosis was used during World War 2 and the Korean War for pain management and for the mentally challenged.

On April 23, 1955 the British Medical Association recommended the use of hypnosis for childbirth. On Sept. 13, 1958 the American Medical Association recognized hypnosis as a field of study and instruction in hypnosis was recommended in post-graduate and medical schools.

Hypnosis has been used during childbirth in many countries around the world since the 1950’s including the royal family.

Hypnosis continues to gain popularity as time goes by. Cutting edge research in neuroscience shows that the ‘altered state’ known as hypnosis does indeed exist and hypnosis is becoming more and more widely acceptable in the area of change work to improve many personal areas in life. It’s drug free and completely natural.

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