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Jane Wojtaszynski (Coboconk, Ontario Canada)

Renia and I go way back, in fact I was her babysitter a very long time ago. She approached me for some practice work in regards to her new adventure in hypnosis. As a person who is interested in healing and alternative modalities, I am open to the possibility of new ways of healing.The issue I decided to deal with…

Chrissy Richard (California, USA)

Renia’s soothing and uplifting voice during our session really allowed me to feel fully relaxed and be open to her thoughtful words. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated and I could feel a new sense of emotional freedom I hadn’t felt in a long time. Relaxed and at peace but also with a new surge of purpose.

Randy Meredith (Toronto, Canada)

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Renia Pruchnicki for her assistance in assisting me in overcoming issues I was experiencing in dealing with other person’s lack of commitment and professionalism in the workplace and in my personal life. Specifically, during an initial consultation and three subsequent sessions using “Loving Hypnosis” techniques; she helped me overcome stress related…

Linda LeClerc (Montreal, Canada)

“I had a few sessions with Renia and I am more than happy with the results! My goal was to know and truly believe that I am worthy of the same love and abundance that I give to others. She worked her magic on me and my subconscious mind because after the first one, I already felt some change in…

Scott Hughes (Barrie, Canada)

I get occasional awful stomach pain that goes on for hours and hours. Antacids do nothing to help. Renia used hypnosis to treat me during an episode of it. After her soothing attention, my pain was gone! It did come back a few hours later but it was reduced, and finally ceased soon after.

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DISCLAIMER: Our services of hypnosis and neuro-linguistics programing (NLP) teach our clients self-hypnosis for self-help. Loving Hypnosis is not a medical facility. We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. The service we provide is for educational purposes only. It is not therapy and is not meant as a replacement for any other intervention. All reviews are actual client reviews.

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